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About Our Business

Hustle & Finance Consultants LLC. was created to give financial knowledge to those who don't understand that good credit goes a long way! Our highly trained staff has a general interest in educating people on the importance of credit and basic money management skills. Their credentials include Board Certified Credit Consultant (BCCC), Certified Credit Score Consultant (CCSC) and have successfully completed training at The Creditversity! Our goals are to connect you with various Credit Cards that can help build your credit profile and improve your overall credit score, create a budget specifically designed for YOU to help you reach your financial goals, and to help you better understand your credit report from all three credit bureaus; in an attempt to help you correct any items impacting your score negatively! 

Our Services

Credit REpair for you


Credit repair for you is allowing us to send challenges on your behalf to collection agencies and credit bureaus.

*Budgets are included if requested or seen as a needed area

*Credit Audit included


MArried Couple Credit repair

Married couple credit repair is allowing us to send challenges to collections agencies and credit bureaus on you and your spouses behalf!

*Budgets are included if requested or seen as a needed area

*Credit Audit included



A budget is a personalized budget for a year that can help you save money and keep track of monthly expenses.


*If you are saving for any particular goal this is the best option!

What Our Client's Say

Louisiana Client

Pennsylvania Client

Maryland Client

New Jersey Client

The budget is very manageable and easy to follow

I appreciate your professionalism

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction HELLO 700 CLUB!

I am so glad I was able to get a car in my name with no cosigner

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